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Finanza Management Services LLP

Finanza Management Services LLP, The effective adaptation of the guiding philosophy at Kapil Kumar & Co. and Flexibility to client's requirements has helped the company build capabilities that enable its clients to grow their business exponentially.Having positioned ourselves as a navigator partner and trainer , we have been guiding customers in their quest for state-of-the-art IT solutions. The two key values driving business practices and learning at Padam are Innovation and Trust.These have helped us to build an enduring relationships with clients and career for new learners. These values are the driving forces that help us to take up the most formidable challenge. FMSLLP believes in teamwork environment. Its teamwork approach result finding out innovative and practical solution for various business issue of Client.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • 304, 3rd Floor, Building No. 32A, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Delhi - 110091, -110091
    New Delhi

Latest Update

MCA UPDATE 22.01.2019 Highlights of Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2019 1. *Commencement Certificate* is mandatory now to be obtain within 6 months of Incorporation without which, it can not comment its business activity or borrow money. 2. The ROC can strike off a company if the address of Regd Office is *bogus* or incomplete/improper address. 3. Conversion of public Ltd to Pvt Ltd matters shifted from NCLT to Regional Directorate. 4. Company cannot issue shares at discount, - heavy penalty imposed on violation. 5. Alteration of Authorised Capital to be intimated within 30 days, default - penalty 1000 every day or 5 Lac whichever is less. 6. Creation of charge filing with ROC- time limit *reduced* from 300 days to 60 days. 7. Wrong statement/ information in filing Charge forms with ROC may lead to misrepresentation and *jail* 8. *Annual Return* should be filed within 60 days from AGM, failure to this, penalty of 100 per day to Company + directors max 5 Lakh apart from ROC delay charges is applicable. 9. Penalty of 5 lakh to Company secretary certifying wrong Annual Return. 10. Explanatory statement to be given with Notice of General Meeting must contain all details as required by Law, if no detail/short detail/misleading - penalty for Company + Directors + KMP - 50K 11. *filing of Resolutions* with ROC- delay will be *very costly* now. Penalty for defaulter increased substantially. 500 every day max 25 Lakh 12.Filing of Balance sheet with ROC within time limit- failure is costly for Company + Directors both. Penalty of 100 per day + 1 lakh to Company + Director each. 13. *Resignation of Auditor* must be filed by the resigning Auditor within 30 days, failure to which the resigning Auditor is liable for penalty of 50, 000 + 500 per day. 14. A director can not become director in morethan 20 companies. If he continues, he becomes disqualified now. 15. Appointment of CS on payroll (Pvt Co having paid-up capital 5 cr & above) is mandatory. Default is now very costly- penalty increased substantially. 16. ROC may strike off a company if subscribers have not paid initial share capital after incorporation of a Company within 6 months.
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