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*E-way bill system to be implemented from 1st April, 2018*. Concerned stakeholders to register themselves on #Ewaybill portal
Taxable goods over Rs 5, 000 will need e-way bill to enter UP From Wednesday, all taxable goods coming from outside Uttar Pradesh to the state will need to have electronic way bill (e-way bill) if their value is above Rs 5, 000. This is contrary to the GST provision for uniform e-way bill, which requires goods of more than Rs 50, 000 in value to be pre-registered online before it can be moved. E-way bill can be generated on GSTN (common portal). IFTRT, a think tank on transport issues, has termed this a regressive rule which will bring back inspector raj. It said GST had provisioned for digital uniform e-way bill to check consignments above Rs 50, 000 irrespective of type of goods transported. Tax lawyer R S Sharma said, "From July 1 onwards, entry of taxable goods was allowed in UP without e-way bill. Now from July 26, movement of taxable goods coming from outside UP to the state will be under e-way bill. Further, for movement of specified goods like iron, steel and edible oil from one point to another within the state has to be under e-way bill, if value of goods is above Rs 1 lakh. e-Way Bill/TDF
GST UPDATE: E-way bill trial run today; system can handle up to 50 lakh bills per day E way Bill : The URL for the e-way bill system for the whole nation is The same URL will be used for both the trial run(16-01-2018 to 31-01-2018) and final roll out(01-02-2018 onwards). However, the tax payers need to be told that the e-way bills generated upto 31.01.2018  (during trial run) would not be used by the department for any purpose. Hence, the tax payers can register, practice and use the system without any problem. As same system (URL) continues from 1st Feb 2018, the tax payers need not have to register again. The same registration will be used further. Hence, all officers are requested to advise the dealers/transporters to register/enrol themselves during the trial period itself. This avoids last-minute confusion to the tax payers. You can open and check the URL and see the details. This URL is used by 6 states now for e-way bill generations.